Petition against illegal dumping of toxic waste in Campania region of Italy

Today, keeping the environment clean is a priority that cannot be ignored. The public wants to make an effort to recycle, clean up and renew. The political class, however, remains at a standstill, immobile. Drowning in its “Byzantine” bureaucracy, and distant from the public’s desire for renewal, it remains closed within its government offices, handing off its responsibilities to the media and justifying its own immobility and inefficiency by hiding behind the interests of organized crime. The question we are asking is whether this behavior is actually an act of connivance. How is it possible that organized crime controls the waste management business (especially toxic and industrial waste) without the collaboration of the managerial political class? We have to respect the environment everyday and oppose the behavior of anyone who is polluting our land and air, exposing any politicians who have remained immobile after having committed “to doing something” with us, the voters. We cannot renew our faith in those politicians who falsify reality in order to justify their own actions and in an attempt to improve their own public image. The politicians ask for more time, but we can wait no longer. Time has already run out because cancer does not wait. Cancer is today, and it does not distinguish between gender, race, religion or class. To use the metaphor made famous by the great Neapolitan poet Toto’, whether we like it or not cancer acts as “’na livella”, or a spirit level. From cancer’s perspective, we are all exactly the same.


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